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Soil Support for Regenerative Agriculture

Soil support for regenerative agriculture

It all starts with the soil. Whether you’re growing commercial hemp or boutique indoor cannabis, we have a solution for you. Our mission is to support growers with biologically rich soils that accelerate the production of high value crops in natural systems.

We support regenerative agriculture in two ways:

  • Potting soils for commercial growers

  • Agronomic support for large scale farming operations


fully amended soil


Freyja’s Mix

Freyja’s Mix is the premier regenerative potting soil. It has been fully amended and balanced for the unconventional grower who uses biological teas in their organic feeding programs. At the base of Freyja’s mix, is our soil food web compost that provides abundant nutrient cycling biology.

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Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla is a coco based blend that offers high drainage and low compaction to suit commercial cannabis nursery operations. Ample perlite ensures excellent drainage, while premium organic matter, and coco coir hold water and nutrients for roots to drink up.





Aliki Gardens manufactures potting soils that have precise agronomically balanced mineral ratios to complement the proper balance of fungi, bacteria, and abundant nutrient cycling biology. These soils are not meant to be discarded because they improve with each successive growing cycle. We recommend the use of larger containers and no-till methods. The less soil disruption, the better.

We believe that fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides should never come in contact with plants that nourish our bodies, and minds. Food and medicine grown in self regulating, biologically diverse soils will outperform conventional methods in every way.

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ditch the fertilizers


Long-term soil management for regenerative hemp farmers


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